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FAQ ZEISS #measuringhero drawing 2019

Drawing period

From when to when can I enter the drawing?
In the period from 00:00 on 01.01.2019 to 23:59 on 31.12.2019, German time (CET), you can enter the drawing via the internet site


How do I enter the drawing?
You register on the promotional website your ZEISS ID, accept the terms and conditions for entry and the data privacy provisions and answer the monthly drawing question. You are then automatically entered into the draw for the monthly prize selection, and in addition you collect ‘expert points’ if you answer the question correctly.

Entries can only be made online via the ZEISS #measuringhero 2019 drawing website. Entry by post and entry by e-mail are excluded, and such entries will not be accepted.

I don’t have a ZEISS ID – what do I need to do?
If you are on the promotional website, the option to “register” is shown under the question to be answered, unless you have a ZEISS ID. Simply click on “register” and you will be forwarded to the ZEISS drawing registration page. There, click on “register” and enter your details. After you have successfully registered, an option to go back and enter the drawing is displayed using the “back to drawing” button. You can now answer the question and send your answer to us using the “submit” button.

What happens if I answer the question incorrectly?
In that case, you will still be entered in the drawing draw. However, you will not receive any ‘expert points’.

Can I make multiple entries to increase my chances of winning?
No. You can only enter once per month, by answering that month’s question. However, you can make a further entry to the drawing each month by answering the current month’s quiz question.

Can I also answer questions from previous months?
Yes. For previous months, it is possible to also answer the drawing questions retrospectively. However, doing this only allows you to obtain the expert points; it is no longer possible to enter the prize draw retrospectively.

Export Points

What are expert points, and how do I get them?
You are an expert if you answer our question correctly. As the questions have varying degrees of difficulty, different numbers of points are awarded to you for each correctly-answered question. This means that over time you collect a different amount of points by answering the questions correctly. Your current points score is displayed directly alongside the monthly question.

What do I get with expert points?
At the end of the full entry period, additional drawings for ZEISS Training Packages are conducted for the entrants who have gathered the most points by 31.12.2019.

Confirmation of entry

Do I receive a confirmation of entry and do I see whether I have answered the question correctly?
Yes. After successfully submitting your answer, you immediately see a message below the question indicating that you are entered in the drawing, and showing whether your answer was correct. If you gave the wrong answer, you can also read what the right answer was.


What can I win?
Over the entire drawing period from 01.01.2019 to 31.12.2019, we are holding monthly draws for 100 historic ZEISS Vintage metal sign collections, comprising the 3 signs: “1955: UMM 200”, “1973: UMM 500” and “1997: U-Soft”.
Entrants who have collected the most expert points as at 31.12.2019 also have a chance to win the main prize, a 2-day On-Site Support training or a Large or Small eLearning Package.

When and how will I find out if I have won?
The 100 winners of the ZEISS Vintage metal sign collections are chosen automatically at the end of each month (00:00, German time (CET)), in a random draw, and notified of their prize in writing in the following week, by e-mail.
The winners from the expert points are chosen in January 2020 and notified in writing by e-mail.

When and how do I receive my prize?
The prize is delivered to you by post within a period of 4 weeks.
If the prize should not be delivered after 4 weeks, just write us a short reply message to the winner announcement E-Mail.

Is it possible to receive a cash alternative for the prize?
No, it is not possible to provide a cash alternative for the prize.

What are the special prizes?
Over the full entry period, the entrant collects ‘expert points’ by correctly answering the monthly lottery question. The entrants who have collected the most points by 31.12.2019 have the chance of winning attractive ZEISS Training Packages. These will be announced at the latest by the end of August 2019. The winners of the additional prize will be determined in early January 2020 and notified by e-mail by the end of January 2020.

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